Let me help you Package your app and get it into the Snap Store for Linux

I am the foremost independent Snap Package expert with experience of bringing many well-known proprietary apps and open source projects to the Snap Store for Linux

Does your business have an awesome App? And do you want to bring it to the Linux Snap Store, but don’t know how?

Enter the Snapcraft Ninja!

I will guide you through the process of packaging your App into a Snap Package. Then I will help to get it published to the Snap Store. Advising on the best ways for your Snap to become featured, I will also connect you with Canonical’s Developer Advocates and PR.

Because I am an independent, non-Canonical-sponsored, expert I can advise your business with impartiality.

If you currently use a CI/CD system I will help you integrate Snapcraft into this. With your CI/CD system, your Snap Packaged App will be built and released alongside your other publishing and updating workflow.

Send me a message to get the ball rolling!